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I'm A Slug

not a member of a tribe
nor club
not in the know
nor in the news
not a segment nor a blip
nor dash or dot
just a little dip on the road

this is the life I chose
I'm out off the grid
on a grid of my own
mostly undetectable
except to those who find me

no phone
no job nor blog
but maybe an old log
to slide and slime under

I'm a slime-slider
a creepy-crawl hider
when it comes to detection
if I were a man
they'd un-friend and un-know me
due to a lack of influence or connection
except to a shell

you might as well
admit it
I escaped all society's detection
though I take my showers
out in the morning dew
in plain sight
or sometimes under the full moon's

on main street
I'm so not like you
I'm a slug
and I matter

without me
the wild web of existence
falls apart
I am the most important suit
in the cards
I'm the heart
the life force that keeps
the forests, the woods, the meadows
the swamps and the jungles

without me
there will be a silent spring.
 (Rachel Carson)

legal copyright for this ditty/poem
and also for this author/writer
Melissa A Howells and also for this
legally copyrighted site title:
Meloo Straight From Her Tilt-a-World

5:52 PM PST November 7, 2017 time date stamped

written after reading the a keystone animal
the common slug, may not be so common anymore.
they are essential to the basic health of
many environments, an essential "food" for
amphibians (in particular frogs) which are
also vastly on the decline...we are talking
slug extinction...and slugs of particulars sorts
are indigenous to highly specialized environments,
so once a certain kind of slug goes extinct in
specific environment, its kind of like a domino effect.
I guess little creatures matter. We all play a part
in this web of life.

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