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I remember the Christmas Mom and Dad 
Said Santa brought our gifts early, but we
could not open them until Christmas Eve.
Right away I seen the tallest box, Mom said
It was mine, oh how I wanted my 3-foot doll.
Could it be, I'd have to wait and see!

My sister much older told me she would check 
On her gift at night when Mom and Dad were asleep
Deep in the night, we walked down the stairs
And she quietly opened one side of her package
To see sure enough it was a transistor radio!
She quickly closed it back up!

She asked me if I wanted to peek on my gift,
So I did and sure enough, it was my 3-foot doll.
We warped it back up and went back to bed.
All I could see was that doll in my head, so 
I did the unforgivable, I took my doll out of 
The box and brought her upstairs and put
Her in my bed, when morning, was near
I put her back in her box, and closed it back up!!
5 nights in a row, we were the best friends,
but back to her box again.

Christmas Eve was finally here, we gathered
Around the tree, my brothers got his trucks
My sister her transistor radio, 
Now it was my turn, I tore into my gift, but my doll 
Was not there, empty and gone, I cried some Crocodile
Tears. I went sadly to bed. 

Much to my surprise when I pulled back my quilt
My 3ft. doll was there, my Mother knew the whole
Time, yes it was I, who was guilty of a crime...
I took her to my Mother to hand her the doll,
But my Mother wouldn't take her at all.

Till this day, I remember every word she
Said, the words are fresh in my head," A gift is
Is an act of love, it is more a gift for the giver,"
She wiped my tears away, she gave me a hug
And kiss, she looked at me and said," Always 
Remember the greatest gift is love and understanding,
You know right from wrong a truth you can not hide,
 now go now with your friend at your side," It was
Clear from that time forward the truth would be
My guide, with the love of My Mother, I had them.
Best gift ever...

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Best Gift Ever