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Speed my love

Speed my love, my love, hold me to thy breast,

And I will tell you of times to come when I

Will not be here and you will not know if I am

Dead or alive. I journey soon to distant lands

Where battles will rage in the name of freedom

And men will die before their swords have left

Their scabbards.


Speed my love, my love, for only hours remain,

And I must be gone by dawn. The spurs of

Brave men are heading this way. their horses

Pacing the earth eager to be gone. Time is of the

Essence and the hour is late. Love me as though

You have already lost me. Fill thy cup and in so

Doing empty mine.


Speed my love, my love, I was wild when the earth

Was still and I am wilder still today. Love me my

Love, take what you can of me while I am here, for

I fear the omens do not bode well for this expedition,

Nor does the life line on my palm tell of longevity,

So, let us rejoice in each others arms and let the

Devil take what he may.


Speed my love, my love, I am hungry for your flesh

And I thirst for your lips. What are wars for but to

Deal in the prospect of loss and to charge the heart

With the black powder of one last night, and therein

Like a musket ball despatch the heart's wanting in

An instant. But that instant is not long enough by

Half for me and I pray you'll love me again before

The grey light of dawn pulls me away from you.


Speed my love, my love, take me to that other place

One more time before I leave, my men are already

In the courtyard below. Let me take your smile into

Battle and let the memory of your glistening body

Spur me to victory, for I can never have enough

Of your love and if I have your love, my love,

How then can I fail?

© Joseph G Dawson