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What sacrifice did I make,
If the chance of getting shot I didn't take.
One was the time from my family.
And the memories that aren't mime.

The time in a country that didn't want us there,
Of the laughter and the tears I wouldn't get to share.
Wishes of being home was not coming my way.
While you was with people you loved everyday,

To walk into a store and just ordered a coke,
To go fishing in a flat bottom bass boat.
To get an ice cream ,
Not just about it dream.

Yes, sacrifices was each small thing ,
That being away from home did bring.
Each moment I didn't get to spent,
From my family that just away went,

Yes, I made it back,
But that you just can't hack.
You say I didn't give nothing up,
But could you be that tough?


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