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Life in the Raw

Surrendered not heart, it's not ready
the way you think it to be, gaze
into space you'll find answers
without asking.

Among sand damp and cool, footsteps
linger on, life's meaning is worth one glance
up where light has no end.

Laughter carries you far, no thoughts to
break the feeling of peace that comes
from within.

Feel the breeze touching, it penetrates
the eye of knowledge, floating like
a hawk in the dusk of forever

Live on without thought new or old
they are with us now, but soon will carry
it's reasons and understanding that
are not understood or could be now.

Fresh it soon will become, no messages
will need to be sent, it will show all
what needs to be shown very soon.

Be strong, your strength will be your mark
you carry, your bravery the wall that will
protect, your spiritual field the foundation
that will bring you home.

Speak softly among family they are part
of your heart, your life force that brings
forth the drift of warmth that sooths
and refreshes.

Surrender not soul, it will shine brighter than
any light you've ever seen.

(Gaze up and never look down)

By Derena

2018 Derena (All rights reserved)

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Life in the Raw