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Legend in your Time

Legend in your time, legend in mine,
not a day passes without your scripts
clearly marked, your sketches defined
in clarity..

Oh yes! your a legend in time, a legend
in mine, your an inspiration clearly
written across the pages of forgotten

Time wilts away without notice, while
impressions grow deep with knowledge,
legend you are, now in my time, tomorrow
in my children's, an grandchildren.

The greatest men are never forgotten, there
written in history books, yet! many sadly
remain unrecognized, while they have their
own legend they made in there time.

Sleep my man, you will not of died in vain,
you were a legend in your time, you'll always
be in mine, and now my children, and
grandchildren, and their children..

((You'll will never of died in vain my man))
By Derena

2018 Derena (All rights reserved)

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Legend in your Time