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A man, a dog and a donkey wandered the wilderness.
The three was a team! They lived in a cabin on the edge 
of a mountain's stream.
Each day they would walk the valley below, in rain or icy
Snow, they would follow the wind to find another place to

One day, they found a forest deep, where all the life of creatures
Creep.  Lost within its foliage thick the man found a cottage of 
brick.  It looked abandoned quite dusty and dark, so opened some
Windows, but all it revealed was endless tree bark.
So he took some candles from the donkey's back, he brought the light 
 Into that abandoned shack!

He began to clean, amazing results started to beam! He worked for hours
Now only one room to transform, but something or someone was in there
That whispered forlornly. He brought some candles to see!
It was a frail woman very afraid as can be!
"My apologies said the man, I thought no one lived here." The woman stood,
she sensed he was good, and told him her family had died so she gave up and 
No longer tried.

"Please stay," the woman remarked. She brushed back her long golden hair, and 
Spoke to the man who listened with care. Many years have passed. 
They live in a brick cottage where their children grow 
With loving care.  Remembering the hope one man brought there.
Reflecting on the past, no more to wander, now home at last!

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Reflecting The Past!!!