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My dear Mum

There's peace and healing in the cross

God's light

Injustices of despair

War Ain't Right

Peace of a revolution

In His glory

Here After

Blue Rose

Oh my love

Little bird

As a child

My little name is fido

To the man with the flowers in his hand

Labeled Insane

To Eric it seemed like the world stopped without you..

This Christmas time

When the roses are blue

Raised from the dead

To Jenny with wings

JESUS is coming!

See this morning

Good morning Little book

All the things

The angel at Christmas

I wonder

My sweet Mother

The rain

When i woke

The promises of true peace

the rose

Blue rain

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My little name is fido
I long to run and play

When the dog pound come
I long to waggle my tail

They should never put an animal to death!
Where is their hearts they do not careth

See i was made by my maker like you
When they try to take me what do they do

Yes i have a right to live just like you do
Yes dog pound i'm talking to you

broken heartsmileysurprise

Michelle Lee Carter

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My little name is fido




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