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Jesus said..,.,.

We adore

When we call out

Danced for peace

In faith

What would it be?

Out of that pit

His tears


Dear Jesus

As i sit

Now they have all gone

Come quickly

Wonderful Saviour

The blessed tree

Blue Rose

For in Jesus!

This Christmas time

How can you see

As a child

They come like Catholics

War Ain't Right

Injustices of despair

The glorifed pedophile

A little Bird

The Sun went away

To the man with the flowers in his hand

I know you

My dear Mum

Oh dear John

Peace of a revolution


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My little name is fido
I long to run and play

When the dog pound come
I long to waggle my tail

They should never put an animal to death!
Where is their hearts they do not careth

See i was made by my maker like you
When they try to take me what do they do

Yes i have a right to live just like you do
Yes dog pound i'm talking to you

broken heartsmileysurprise

Michelle Lee Bevan

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My little name is fido



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