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Unfilled Emotions



Come walk with me the length of this road
so filled with sadness, daylight shines under trees
of knowledge, and cannot see the valley so pure
with mist afloat.

Tunes played unheard in treasure of wonder, only
extinction of truth, becomes excepted among those
lost in another dimension, a place where love is not
of mind, only thoughts collected by contiguous
interpretations of imagination.

Bleak amazement capture moments surrounding
encounter of intelligent Forces unknown to our
world of understanding and loveless hearts
continuing to play games of chance among
unconsciousness and subconscious species of
life has we know it.

Come walk the road of knowledge, teacher
of our universal planet of confusion and
unconscious collective emotions gathering
power without deepness and comparison
of eternal life now and forever..

By Derena

© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)

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