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Silent Pathways

I tasted the fruits of time
Hanging from the tree of eternity
And became aware of the transience
Of all that is of this earthly life.
I saw love as a flower that blooms
And reaches in its innocence to the light,
It seems to die but only changes
To return when spring is born again.
Are we not all just the same?
Once we feel the call of something deep within
We taste the nectar of immortality,
Knowing that what we really are will not die
Just grow into the visions we hold most sacred.
So as the golden orb of a new day
Breaks free from the confining horizon.
In my minds eye I walk the silent pathways
Of my ever questing heart of pure aspiration
And time and space now dissolve into memory;
I lift my eyes to gaze upon my reflection
And fade into the mirror of my dreams.

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Silent Pathways