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Time seems to fly in summer days!
The warm whistling wind softly plays.
As I temperature climbs, I seek the
Beach a calming place where cooling
Waters Reach.

Voices ring through the air when crowds
gather there.
Suntan oil, lemon tea, lost sandals, and
Blue-green waters of the sea, miles of sands
And coconut trees sway listless in the coastal
Tropic Breeze.

Seashells baking in the sand, by the waters where
Surfers stand. The tide brings foam and a bottle
With a note countless miles, a message stayed a float.

What's this? A secluded Island in a distant cove
Where whales and dolphins can be seen
From the tropic grove.
A man and woman make a home, the work, and sleep
In sands where crustaceans creep!

Daydreams come and go, as the ebbing tide moves to and fro.
Back to the city streets to end the day, and set aside the
"Mindset" play.
I plan to gather my beach towel soon, for now, my hammock on
my back porch it swings and sways and bathes in light of
the silver moon!

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Daydreams of Summer`s Beach