The Unfairness Of Angels

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Orcs and Trolls

Orcs and Trolls

Once when I was in Thailand
A man tried to make me understand
“Same-same but different” he said
“ different paths but we all tread.
On the same ground.. like
Music is Music. To a different sound”

Many years later, nothing has changed
We still vote for the mad or deranged
We believe in this or we believe in that
Without firmly knowing a single fact
Kissing different crests to our different team
But we're all part of Gods own dreams

It's like living within a purgatory
A broken record within history
The gap between today and yesterday
With  limited choices of shades of grey
Just whispers now in what they say
Bring back the Yay or Nay?

Once we had black or white
A sense of wrong and a sense of right
Like the Artic summers whose days are nights
Whereas the rest of us fade into dusk
Crossing fingers to those we trust
There is no more ‘all' to ‘bust'

Different people with a different name
Tell us they'll fix our pain
Like a dice in a different game
It will always roll a 1 to 6
But Don't be fooled by their tricks
A bruise is a bruise from slaps or kicks

And as those bruises ease and go
We'll be accounted to what they show
On ipads and phones and TV and News
Not once thinking of that bruise
Nothing else matters in that box
As we lace our vote with a big ‘X' cross

Then we'll wait and look at opinion polls
Before following the orders of Orcs or Trolls

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Orcs and Trolls