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I'm An Old Bad Dog Barking At The Rain

I'm an old bad dog
barking at the rain
I know the rain will fall
but I don't quite get why
it has to fall again and again

I'm all wet
and I'm mostly getting
My other friends are out here too
and we're soaked through
its not getting any better

A dog can only stand so much
living under such
There's a growing group of us
neglected much
while the masters sit inside
calm and comfortable
Out here there's no shelter
in which to seek comfort
no place to hide

I'm a bad dog, a mad dog,
a cur, a sort of undesirable one
I must sit outside
suffer otherness
I feel like an unchosen one

Whatever the weather
we dogs slog through it all
With only our coats on
waiting for a pat,
those seeing eyes
a certain kind of noticing
a certain kid of tone
and for you to put away your phone

I'm a bad dog, a nearly mad dog
relegated to and tugging at my leash
This rope keeps me segregated from
and separated from those people and places
I'd rather reach

The man is safe inside
attending to his important need
now I even wear a muzzle
so my anxious barking
doesn't impede
his leisure
his pleasure
so I'm a good dog
not a dog in need

Still the rain is falling down
and we dogs get very wet
I'm told I'm a good dog while I wait
but what good do I get
this is not how
you treat someone
I don't feel like man's best friend

Man could take a fine lesson from a dog
about what a real best friend is...
like how we're always happy to see one another
how we greet each other with a bark and with a wide smile
how the first thing we do is to play
and run around and eventually we all feel better
in a short while

Can I sum it all up for you
and not do the supposing and
second guessing you human creatures do
and act so self-assured of your rightness and
asserting how you are so pithy-wise...
how you claim how well you see things
but we dogs have better eyes

let me break it down
put it into human language
you might understand

Why don't you try out being a dog
sit out
in the rain
without barking
or complaining
or feeling neglected and alone
while all we dogs go inside and
do our business
just like the man

April 28 2018/ 12:28PM PST time date stamped
legal copyright for this poem/rant/work and also for this
writer/author/poet Melissa A Howells and also for this
legally copyrighted site title
Meloo Straight From Her Tilt-a-World

This poem is exactly what you think its about
but not quite exactly...I am giving you, the reader
plenty of food for thought. Why would anyone want to be
treated like a dog, when a dog can be treated like this?

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