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A lost puppy showed up at my door,
no tags or collar Just five pounds of a ball of fur.
The tip of his tail was brown,  the rest of him
black, he followed me all around the yard rolling 
in the grass, barking, yipping, just wanting to sass.

I went door to door strolled him around in a little
red wagon but he kept jumping down.
No one would claim him in this old town.
So I kept him and we became friends
Many years of catch, and picnic in the park.
His tail slowly wags, he seldom will bark.
The poor old guy still is afraid of the dark.

lm glad he came to this family, he loves us all
though his pace has slowed when we call.
Time and space is no longer a race he eventually
shows with dignity and grace. 

His name is King,  his loyalty grew in his care, 
as I overlook from my porch in my old rocking chair,
sometimes I think he is still here, rolling in the grass
and nipping the air. It's hard on us all when he passed
away, we all gathered to honored him that day.

Friends like King are hard to find, but then again King
will always be one of a kind.

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Lost Puppy