Faculty Of The Mind: By Michael Ssemakula

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Plutonian Idiots of our Time

This type of comrades have an attenuated relationship
To the truth and depict themselves as congenital liars
Who have disagreed with our version of objective reality

They are clearly in an exclusive category all by themselves
They base vast numbers of decisions on conspiracy theories
Other than views of objective reality that noble folks endorse

They claim reality is a hoax and that investigative news is fake
Just as troubling as their propensity to misrepresent reality
According to the worlds norms they are in constant demand
For extreme fear from their subordinates; mafia style-fidelity

Those are severe threats to our vital world values of existence
They are unarguably demanding for both hands on the table
And their leadership that their first priority is personal loyalty
To them rather than to the norms that have long ruled the orb
You are urged to remember your own reflex moral obligations

I reckon that you need to keep a draft letter of resignation
On your desktop or drawer once you fall victim of working
With such terrific morons and we have lots of them loaded
With vast amounts of wealth often got in dubious dealings

Their behavior is erratic armed with distorted facts at all times
They can never be short of being fraudsters and con artists
And tremendously gaming the system through hook or crook