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A Different Light

A sudden warmth filled her heart a hope for a new 
start, a flame again begins to glow, a different light
softly flows.

She brought life after life in this world and watched
each one grow. Now they walk their own way, with
the love she showed.

Now she holds her own time and walks the line with
a light that newly shines.
Sadness is not a stranger it was there by her side
through moments filled with danger.

She had a heart full of love, sent in many directions
sometimes it was rejected and failed in connections.
Happy or sad love was there in hope and care, and 
she did her best to place it there.

Her heart will always hold love because that is what 
Your Mother is made of, there is always her love.
It is a treasure of her life she will take home above.

The day I looked in your son's beautiful blue eyes 
he smiled with the warmth that will someday grow
enjoy these moments, for each memory, will dwell
with you in paradise.

(God bless my youngest Grandson we will share
with you adventure and fun, and tuck you in with
that Teddy bear and last glow of the setting sun!)
(Love always,  Grandmom)

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A Different Light