The shadow that follows me..

The shadow.. the shadow.. you are with me

The shadow.. the shadow.. you always follows me

But the shadow, that seem not like me

But I love this shadow. You are with me.

The shadow that follows me…

I am an opaque body full of dilemmas

But you gave me “this flesh and blood”

I believe in it, more than my wandering mind

When I am farther from home.

In the light of memories

Its become bigger and bigger

It's become closer and closer

Lay a hand on me that's only a friend of mine.

O” father, you the shadow that follows me

O” father, you the shadow that follows me

In hot summer that you are the shade for me.

Like an evergreen tree with blooms for me

You lead me in lonely ferocious streets

In street light you came as the shadow for me

In the moonlight you smile and hide

And silently look at me with symbolic gestures

The shadow taught me always “dare to live”.

The shadow… the shadow… “that real for me”..

O” father, You are the shadow that follows me.

The shadow trails with me

In the platform and careless steps

While misplaces the belongings and

Forget the lanes to destiny

You the shadow that reminds me.

In my journey of life; you aren't with me

Still I reaches home town

Your hairy caring hands are close to me

O” father O” father your shadow follows me,

Your shadow, your shadow that follows me.

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