A shooting star.

A shooting star..
I saw a shooting star,
That falling from the high heaven .
Granny told me don't see.
It's a restless soul in sky.
Why I ask?
She smiled and went to sleep.
Twinkling clusters of sibling stars .
The dashing moon at night.
It's so nice to see them all,
Surely it will bring pleasure to us.
Shining diamond coming to land.
The huge glow in high velocity,
But lost direction from its path.
The unlucky shooting star…
Dragged by lofty mountain ranges.
Stellar death confirmed with dust and debris.

Angelic clouds and full moon light
Added a new to perplexing constellation
It's self luminous in a set of laws
Pressure, temperature and gravity in cosmic rules.

The stardom rises with all these laws
When one will fall other will glow,
Abandon stars come to earth..
But a contradiction is this star a soul?
O” restless soul's moves up or down.
In merrily and terribly without tears,
My eyes blinked of dismal mind.
Granny told me don't see,
It's a soul restless in the sky.

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A shooting star.

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