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Cavren Home

The hour of midnight began like moonstruck wolves of the darkness.
The hungry cries of wind howled through the peaks of rocky mounds of 
Snowcap mountains wreak havoc in such looming sounds.
Taking shelter in a nearby cavern to shield the body from insult and injury.
The shattered debris of brittle limbs of trees twist in the movement of the pitch of India 
and hail stormy fury bares its soul.
A haunting echo filled the space and terror grew in every step in this icy cold and  forbidden

Northern Himalayas like a wall containing Asian weather within, did you hear 
Yeti's roars, He looks upon land above and below with blood-curdling eyes so grim.
Death leaps from this giants door.
High above civilization, the myth is a realization!
No one lives with the sight, against this monsters might.
Tragedy in the cavern home
Where the mountains guardian keeps his thrown.
His massive claws inflict the end of man's heart
That's torn, in savage leaps and bounds the forlorn
Is sadly found blood and flesh lays on the ground.

If you are able to bypass this mountain range, by 
all means, do so,  the Yeti prefer to be alone, in 
Their Himalayas mountain home, sitting on their
Caverns throwns...
Where this "Abominable Snowman" lines his halls with 
Intruders bones...


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Cavern Home