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Half an hour for ten bob
Wise father to impatient son


What can the moon say that my heart doesn’t?

Yet, somehow the moon speaks louder than my

Heart ever could; drawing me from my quarters

And into the arms of the night, arms that reach

Out from every corner. ‘Want some fun love’?

Half an hour for ten bob!


Revealed in the light of incredible odds

Are the fortune of those in the lap of the gods

Where love is a deal to be done in a flash

You can have me all night if you’ve got the cash’


That’s the size of it is it? The pleasure of a

Spurious liaison, love in the fast lane, love

On the hoof, love without meaning, passion

Or truth


Love on the cheap whatever the price, love

Like no other, love on a bike. Love for the

Taking, love without pride, the caveat being:

Who last had a ride?


Thankfully, nature or might that be God

More often than not responds to the plight

Of the lonely; not instantly by any means

For that would be silly as the workings of

The earth are not a matter of speed but a

Matter of heart. The heart of the universe

To be precise and thus the beat of the heart

Or the passing of time is the pace of the

Cosmos and lo in time, given time, behold

The virtue of patience: of being in the right

Place at the right time, of being of optimistic

Mind open to miracles, open to fate and

Fortune, and thus a love worth its weight in

Gold silently waiting in the wings for you to



You don’t believe me? Well, of course you don’t

And of course the above will never come to pass

However, had you believed in the above and

Waited whilst the chemistry of heaven worked

Its magic on your behalf then perhaps I might

Have chanced upon a happier ending to this

Page …


Half an hour for ten bob love’?


To clarify: In war-weary 1950s Britain there were 20 shillings
to the pound [£] each shilling nicknamed a ‘bob’ thus two bob
was two shillings also called a florin thus ten bob = ten shilling.
A ten shilling or ten bob note was a good deal of money at
one time.


© Joseph G Dawson

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