The painful surgery

The painful surgery
Surgeons are ready,
Pray for her long life…
Anesthesia providers the factories
Some say it's a sweet gives us products
Smoke exhaling vents in line.
Makes her unconscious for a long time
Covered her in lethal plastic bags.
Around her the nursing clouds are floating
With condensed tears stars are watching
The painful surgery in solar system.

Laparoscopic or open surgery
The Surgeons “human species”
Highly valued human species
But all put on masks..
The greed highlighted with seasons
That worsens environmental ethics
Beacon of warning from “the supreme sun”
The fatal “River transfusion” begins
Venous liquid sucked out by heaven..
It never returns to her loving heart.

She is suffering, encircled by specialists.
Excavation on her soft aesthetic body
With scalpels, scissors and suture needles
So painful surgery in the solar system
Making tunnels from one region to other.
The mountains look like broken bones
Her viscera is bleeding with lava
Many lining layers of flora and fauna
Uprooted with modern practices
Exploding buried ammunitions.

The Main surgeon announces
Sutures may be heal the wounds
Surgery success... she is breathing.
Development every where
Even she is moving in fights and fligts
But need more oxygen cylinder
Hey, grandchildren plant a sapling
In favor of the Great mother Earth..
Her heart is beating …
Still in the intensive care.
World Environmental Day

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The painful surgery

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