The Lady with Broken Anklets….

The Lady with Broken Anklets….
A Lady of miseries beating two quartzite pebbles,
Entered in the coach singing “Pardeshi song”
The melodious rhythm and harmonious gestures
Superb! soloist using a typical friendly tone.
It's life-sustaining show with the flow of emotions,
Besides a girl with jingling anklets sound,
Roaming wistful and silent, staring at all.
Maybe she is hungry, needs a “kind deed”.

Passengers attention please,”Happy journey”.
All rushing in sleeper class, to confirm their berth
The train started to move, with a whistling sound
While the lady and little girl stepped down.
Listen in the girls “jingling anklet sounds”.
“Jill Jill ” jingling anklets with beads and bells
Stretching hands then patted the empty bowl,
Hurrah! passengers throwing on the platform
Twinkling silver coins with dazzling smiles.
Passengers attention please, attention, please..
The little girl hops on bare feet, says a goodbye.

The electric train in tracks of high-speed..
With spectacular opulence, sceneries flashing.
Along the tracks, turns and tunnels in the swift.
But the two faces haunting in the journey
With “tinkling anklets” and “pardeshi song”
They again in many streets and places
Wandering in platforms and bus stations
Some of them are in devotional places
Some of them are with deity photos
Some of them are handicapped and deceased
If provoked, some looks miscreants,
Stretching the hands again with endless tears.

Schooling in streets, the little girl is asleep.
Fatal gifts of darkness, sniffing the platforms
Inhuman predators and pests reached in their tents.
In thundering sounds, nobody heard their screams.
High-speed trains are moving on time in tracks
No hard feeling in the dirty infected boars.
A lot in the slums. .. a lot in the slums.
Oh-oh! the anklets scattered, with jill jill sound

Again the lady with bowl begging for food
In Bizarre look, bummed along the platforms.
Without “the pebbles” and “the parades song”
Broken jingling anklets shivered in her palms
Passengers attention please, in the journey of life
These broken hearts, sutured only by “kind deeds”
A lady with broken anklets, still on the platform.


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The Lady with Broken Anklets….

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