Fire Eating Man  

The Fire-Eating Man
Always fire in his mouth
So mute, calm with devotion.
Courageous and straight
“O! he eats it, breathes it...
Again burst out the flames”.

His face with sunshine
Spark balls spread out
He takes the lane
Peoples encircles
Put on the show.

Do more do more dragon.
Applauds begin, keep distance
keep distance for others safety
All dazed to perceive but
Daredevil drinking again
Inflammable oil with water.

With flare beauty and haze
Sparks shines on muscles
Spread out like fire wings
He jumps, runs and dance
He may get the burns
Despite painful qualms, in
Choke damp he smiles.

Let, get down to the nitty-gritty
“The hungry fiery stomachs
In the midst of bonfire'
Knows the truth about him.

More stages he must get
It's the game of fire to live.
Blow out stomach in flames.
So adventurous “fire-eating man”.

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Fire Eating Man

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