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Wilderness Walk (Series Six)

This morning seems like it teeters on twilight the moment Lady Dawn opens her eyes.
From the looks of the campsite full winter was on the rise, she wakes Chief Wildcat to tend to the little Day Star,
who knows now how to walk, she could wander far, there would be a close eye to attend her in safety
She would learn caution before freedom is earned. 
With a wooden pail, Lady Dawn made a trail to bring water from the stream, when suddenly she
Heard a blood-curdling scream, Two young Braves, Grey Wolf, and Bear, were dragging a body
Kicking and wailing the young brave's strength was failing.
Lady Dawn drops her pail to check on the commotion, as she comes close she is struck
With  fearful emotion, the stranger from her dream last night was before her eyes, flailing and
screeching his cries.
His frail body was strong he fought fearless and long.
His golden hair and deep blue eyes was a look that boldly defies.
A man like no other Lady Dawn has seen in her life, only in her dreams of strife.
There were chains that bound his hands and feet,  he sadly looks around then places his fingers to his lips
He sweeps his fingers down on his throat, he must thirst, we will try water first.
Lady Dawn sends Grey Wolf for water to help this stranger, she tells him to heed the gloom of this day it
Is wreaking of danger

.Continued...Wilderness Walks (Series Seven)

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Wilderness Walk (Series Six)