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Wilderness Walk (Series Seven)

Lady Dawn sat with the unconscious stranger while the young Brave, Grey Wolf 
Walked to the stream to bring water to quench this strangers thirst
There was an unsettling silence in the camp, and the stranger was very still, death 
Was staggering near.
Lady Dawn asked Young Brave, Bear, to sit by the man  
He needed shelter, and so much more.
Lady Dawn began to worry about Grey Wolf he had not returned from the stream,  
Suddenly she hears Grey Wolf scream, Lady Dawn sees him carrying a woman and 
a small child, Bear stands,  and moves in their direction, behind Lady Dawn is a group of
Tribesmen they appear and help the poor nearly frozen bodies of these people, dogs, sleds,
and bison hides pullup by the peoples' side.
One by one the child, bundled warmly, was placed by the woman side, they both were wrapt
In bison hides
Take them to Great Eagle's teepee, take all three there we must act fast while life remains, the
  tribesmen acted fast,  Great Eagle, was fully dressed with tools nearby.
Tribesmen placed all three, Man, Woman and child on the healing table,
Only Grey Wolf  and Bear stays for the ceremony
In the Midday, the skies grow dark, and the howling of the wolves reveals hope,
Lady Dawn returns to her teepee, Chief Wildcat and Day Star was happy, she returns 
Her loving family wrap their arms around her, Day Star wipes the tears from her mother's eyes,
Hope was in her heart for the family in the Shaman's care, Great Eagle drums  and, rattles which 
Calls for healing on this day

To be concluded in Wilderness Walk (Series Eight)

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Wilderness Walk ( Series Seven )