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Meadow's Song

Mama and Papa songbirds care for their young hatchlings
In the meadow stood a line of maple trees swaying in the
gentle breeze.
This sight brought me to my knees, as I watched the songbirds
tend lovingly to their family with natures best.

Sun glowed in an amber haze, struck my spirits view with a peaceful gaze
Wildflowers danced to the movements of the sifting wind, a motion of air kissed
the meadows flow.
In solitude, the ambiance of the meadows stead spoke of beauty with words unsaid.

The Monarch butterfly flutters by and leaves its magic in a gentle sigh.
On days when troubles weigh heavy and mean, I walk this peaceful scene.
My eyes will trace the meadow fair, and find Gods love everywhere.
The sounds of nature sing its song soothes the spirit and makes it strong.
He blessed his design and captures life within the innocent meadows where
hope and faith are born and beauty silently defines.

(If you listen with your heart, you hear the Meadow's Song, a melody soft but strong.)

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Meadow`s Song