many sides to Rosey

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why do I hurt so bad?
waiting for God's hands
to come and lead me
up above to where Mom is

outside I yell and scream
inside I am crying hysterically
outside I put out a cold front
inside I am a sobbing mess

the world is dark and pointless
people claim to care and love
when they are out only for themselves
around people and in crowds, I feel so alone

time is ticking away, I am not getting any younger
in my bed, I hide out all day long
wishing away my existence and wanting to die
no purpose, no desire, no goals, simply nothingness

my mind, all jumbled up
my emotions, all screwed up
the only thing I know for certain
is I cannot go on living this way

waiting is getting to be too old and too much for me to handle
I need to get out of bed and out of the house
or else I would be leading my own hand
instead of God's and My mom, whom I may never see ever again

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