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​Nightmare's Steep

Sail away on deep blue waves and chase  the waters spray
Dive into the brink were mermaids troubles sink 
The Dolphins swim and leap waves of ocean deep
In the far distance, the sharks begin to creep

Nautical miles seem infinite, no sight of land 
Lost souls gather to bring the ship through Neptunes' hands 
Sail on and dance to waters rage and mark the Captain's page 
In darkness the ship sails with vintage sage

A time when shield maidens wits become engaged, warfare 
Strikes the rolling drums, rats hustle for stale breadcrumbs
The sails open to the wind and Sirens scream death transcends
Ancient ships collide in the midnight's forceful tide, the Kracken wails  
The ship now fails, nothing left to sail 

A nightmare at sea will never set the sailor free
The living nightmare becomes the tragic fatality 
So placid sea removes the trace of ancient horrors face
Now dwell in waters deep where nightmares steep
A place that horror sweeps, within the soul now weeps, 
Dwells in Neptunes keep

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Nightmare`s Steep