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Being Aware


With each sun set, it never really sets
it lives forever in each memory that lies
in the vault of time, it controls the mind
of restlessness, bringing a calmness..

Each memory never ending, in living
shall we always play our roles making
each one a never ending story...

There is never an end, it lingers softly
adding depth along it's way, it goes on
forever, leaving a mark down each path
that leaves memories of yesterday...

Forsake all sadness, in feeling sad
we have grown strong in our beliefs
we have added another memory to
one we added only a few minutes

Writing feelings down, only is part
of what you feel, it is in feeling from
the heart that one becomes a
person of love, and understanding.

To really love, one must feel down
deep, search the cavern of the
soul, come out refreshed and
new, that is how you find what
lies deep, searching and yearning
keeping true to yourself...

One must not walk through life
blind, it will cause confusion, let
life come to you, it will seep inside
showing great wisdom..

With wisdom comes self worth
deeper then the shadows that
follows in the darkness, they are
fears that appear without notice
welding deep inside if you let

Capture your wisdom, hold on to
it, it is worth more to be wise
than unwise, for in living does one
become wiser, knowledgeable
compassionate, loving, it shall
always be the savior to your own

Words of wisdom come easier
for in living and understanding
does one really hear one's
heartbeat, with awareness, you
become alert to each blessing
that comes your way..

With blessings there are no
more days of misery, the concept
of life is like a breath of fresh
air becoming fresher with each
breath you take..

By Derena

© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)

©2000 - 2022, Individual Authors of the Poetry. All rights reserved by authors.

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