A handful of Rice

A handful of rice
In the lunch box
I always kept it for them
Cat, crow, Mynahs, and ants
You are in the backyards
You are in the trees
Watching my deeds
Lunch break bells.

A handful of rice
And its fragrance
Keep in mind, in whole life.
While eating the lunch
I enjoyed catering for,
You cats, crows and chicks

A handful of rice.
From my lunch box
I scattered the whitish
Jasmine bud like rice
On the dried leaves.
The birds took it in their beaks
Flew away to nest
To feed the little ones,
That crying so loud.
Pregnant cat mews and
Mews loudly and licks
Its whiskers and hands
Eating the each rice
And went to sleep in the bush.

The little ants collected
All broken rice and
Moves in slow motion
Within the anthills happily
Stores in the granary.

“Cater for those who need”
A lot of creatures here
Without food and heed
The stomach burns…
In this modern world.

Thank you, dear mother
You wake in the dawn
With a heartfelt love..
Send me the Tiffin box.
And taught me..
“Cater for those who need”
A handful of rice.

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A handful of Rice

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