A Delightful Memory..

A delightful memory..
The nostalgia colored my mind with a paradise
The majestic temple, statues and lushly compound
Wow ! the fragrance of champak flowers in memories
Chanting temple friends under the banyan tree
Feeble sound waves move over the green fields,
Through the loudspeakers, tied to the tallest coconut trees.
With a fresh mind and body, I sprint to join.

Devotees are busy with temple rituals and calls for
Offerings of deity “Payasam” and sweet “Unniyapam”
I am on toes and unable to glimpse the divine face
Towards the sanctum all hands in faith and eyes in tears.
Lighted diyas, mantras, and ding dong sounds
I tried to push with them but endeavor in vain.
In that throng, chuck out back with a fall
While got a helping hand with winning a smile
A friend indeed took me up .with a pat
Merry go round with him, eating nuts and candies a lot
In imperial decorations of prestigious festival day
Wandered back and forth in a devotional spirit.

The greenish ponds quench a heartfelt thirst
Even slept in the land, without listening sounds
Jumps in the ponds long hours swim and splash
More boys added to our company in push and pull
Each jump with a gulp, duckweeds filled in the stomach.
Water lily roots entangled us in the marshy mud.
Uprooting the blooms and sugarcane at the shores
Dives again in eating, whistling and laughing a lot
The elephant that eating the palm leaves afar
In Golden caparison, looks like a hulk in chains..
Warns us with trumpets and daunting ivory tusks.

Symphony of birds lead by kukoos in sacred groves
Let us go, sweet mangoes, jamun, and guavas are their
But spiny Calamus rotang canes twisted like snakes
Going on each branch with the spiny bouquet of flowers
Collected dragon sticks and hit on the bundles
While collecting the fruits bleed with prickly twigs.
Hey Friends! My Legs unable to move punctured a lot
Fast squeezed tulsi leaves pour on the burning wounds
Relaxes under the banyan tree with beloved friends.
Recollected the boyhood stage with a few lines
The rest as a tale, it continues in my way of life

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A Delightful Memory..

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