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The Night Crew

The Night Crew waited for
Signs of imminent sleep
The breathing was steady
And regular, not deep
No alpha wave rhythms
No more need to wait
For the host body was
In Total Resting state

Then they started
On their daily chore
Tuning up the organs
And so much more
Checking all the vessels
For signs of impending leak
Tuning the body up to
It's maximum possible peak

With the first signs of
The body coming awake
The Night Crew stood down
For their well earned break
Repair Control relaxed
Until the next night when
It would  call them back
On duty once again.

The Day Crew took over
Their period of control
Ready to take over
The functioning whole
And the body could awake
Felling relaxed and stronger
And thanks to the Night Crew
Maybe last a little longer

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The Night Crew