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Life Is

Life throws us upon horses we can't ride.

Trample not upon me please,

I'll never survive.

I'm looking for her smile,

I been waiting for a while.

But she won't open her eyes.

Are these legitimate dreams...

Or creative lies?

I been waiting for the gentle wind

to comfort me.

But all she does is hide.

Must I howl

to get life to take me seriously?

I see the fading beams and the cloudy skies.

Pass memories keep exposing my pride.

History keeps saying proceed cautiously.

I thought I was gone

but pursuit and passion keep resurrecting me.

A rose planted this beautiful song

before she was taken by the sea.

It's always in my ears...

Always by my side.

Mystery's strength lies in it's stealth in the tide.

Wouldn't reveal itself even after I had cried.

Throw your prayers upon the gentle seas.

Pray they survive the attacks

from the flies and the fleas.

The spiders and the bumble bees.

Do the clouds need to borrow some of my tears?

Passion paints us all hard with a brutal stroke,

Can't see anything in this wild misty smoke.

I hear her saying, Over here! Over here!

Trying to hang me on the wall with the other folks.

Copyrights 2018

Robert Anthony James

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Life Is