Lunatic Out

I drank an old vine and
I became the clinging vine
That climbs on all trees.
Mood swinging of a lunatic out..

Grasshoppers' jumps with me
Bees that dance with me
Buzzing in my ears
Hibernated rodents claps.

The chilly wind tosses leaves
Whispers in my sleeveless coat
But free will bestowed warm-ups.
The street light dims and glows
But I saw the nude tree
With broken barks looks
Like a white bottle brush.

Keeps my chest on wood
Entwined hands-on branch
Like a snake in the loop
Climbing up and up
Trustworthy tree
That makes me warm.

The full moonlight
Strewn snowflakes at me
Slipping my hands and legs
I fell on a mat of leaves
With a broken branch
I heard laughing song
My lovely bird..and
I slept on the ground.

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Lunatic Out

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