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I Am

I am refreshing as a cool summer breeze that blows down from the mountains.
I am a great childhood memory as grandma's ice tea and buttered toast.
I am good times_sunny days at the beach with the finest of friends; a fun day of running through thick grassy fields with bare feet.
I am an unforgettable first love_strong emotions_ tingles and smiles, and the sweet array of the light touch of shy lips; that special first kiss.
I am tasteful romance and fine dining, candlelight dinner for two served with vintage wine on a private yacht named "Paradise".
I am... Natures' Best!

I am the worse feeling you can imagine_ hot scotching winds against virgin skin, bad dreams that do not end.
I am regrettable as the slip of the tongue_ words spoken in anger that you can never take back.
I am the pains of two days of hard labor without the joys of childbirth.
I am the dread of lost jobs, unpaid bills, empty wallets and negative $5.00 in the bank.
I am illness, that sick feeling deep down in the pit of your guts developed from worry and anxiety.
I am fear, remorse, and the devastation of searching for a missing child; yet, finding only shreds of clothing.
I am what we have come to know as "Hell on earth".
I am Nature's Unrest!

Copyright © Niyna DeSangre

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I Am



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