The Scrounger

The Scrounger
Don't call her the scrounger
The brood nest scrounger
She's a homeless mother bird
She laid a grey shiny egg
In tears and a nest in trust
More blacken her name.
The brood nest scrounger.
More blacken her name.
The brood nest scrounger.

In reprieve, moved out of the spot
A biological mother pleads
The little one in the shell
In plumage of brooding crow
No predators hurt you there
Nobody calls you homeless there.

The mother crow nap in dreams
Hatchlings hum crow over begins
You hatched in the bouquet of love
A chip on the same block little chicks
The little dark birds “ koel or crow”.
Foster mother delighted in the world
Feeding each fledgling...

Little wings are stronger now
While singing you so sweet
Resemble your biological mother,
Go find out in the neighborhoods
Always crying for motherliness,
Hey world, don't call her
“The brood nest scrounger”

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The Scrounger

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