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God's Loving Angel

Written by Cynthia Louise Baker Bogear
October 24, 2018

She stood shaking off her wings,
Picking up her armor once more,
Polishing her sword to strike the mightiest of blows,
She was called upon by him,
Graced with his very love,
She has taken pain and hurt,
With all received she can never hate,
She fights many battles,
But protects his faith,
She stands to protect his children,
She prays over them with his love,
Fighting back Lucifer's demons,
Transcribed in her sword,
Lies the mighty words he speaks,
With each blow the demons fall back,
Temporary this can only be,
For not all demons will fear thee,
She's God's loving Angel,
Sent to love thee.

Dedicated to Toni Cummings...Queen Among Queens...A woman of strength and love for God that even in the darkest of hours shines the light home. I love this amazing and inspirational woman.

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God`s Loving Angel

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