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Errors in the making

If you could go back in time,

Which error would you go back to first?

Would it be to fix a dream, fix a mistake,

Or simply say ‘sorry’ to those you hurt

The most, sorry to a lover, a wife, a

Child, an animal ...


There are no limits to remorse, no limit to

The long list of mistakes and miscalculations

We humans carelessly make. A list that may

Lie suspended in the vast and unforgiving

Corridors of the mind. Seemingly irretrievable,

Seemingly lost forever, but not so I fear,

For these things have a habit of cropping up

Without warning, interrupting slumber, driving

Sleep away in a rush of unwelcome illustrations.

Painful images of past errors and calamities

We might prefer not to revisit or for that matter,

Be reminded.


But reminded we are, and very often too.

Sorrow, shame and self-reproach are no

Strangers to the night, for the night inspires

The conscience to seek forgiveness if forgiveness

Can be sought. Thus, I ask again, if you could

Go back in time, which error would you fix first?


Might you like me be more thoughtful of others,

Paying attention to feelings driven over

Roughshod in the past. Hold a pretty face in

Your hands look deep into her eyes and say ‘sorry’

And mean it, look deep into her eyes and say ‘I

Love you’ and mean that too. I could go on, but

I’ll stop here. ‘Time heals’ so they say, but it does

Not relieve the heart of the responsibility for past

Errors, nor does it ease the pain that will not go

Away no matter how true the aim of wishful

Thinking. Errors in the making? Correct them

Now while you still can, for time will not be

Meddled with.

© Joseph G Dawson