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The demons arrive about 2 AM—
Dark fears, anxiety, tussled sweaty sheets

Then come the wrestling angels—

These guys claim to be on your side
But one blow from their firsts
And you’re in a deep dream
With the car on the edge of the cliff
And you in the driver’s seat
Wondering if you can pop the clutch
And get this thing in reverse

Then just before dawn come the long deep breaths
And you relax into a semi-pleasant dream where
You actually find your shoes just before you have
To wait tables naked

Then comes to first light of dawn—
So terribly glad to see you again.

(I use to experience something I called the Wolf Hour.
That time just before dawn when the bad guys tried to
take over your sleep. As I have gotten older, it doesn't
happen much any more but this is a good description of what it was like...)