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The way I Feel

I express, I express my feelings, my thoughts, everything.
And in the end she doesn't know,
Afraid, afraid of what she may think, of me.
And times may be short and her answer may be no, but, in the end the world may never know,

To speak true I may never get an answer, but I will tell of how I feel.

To be honest her eyes are like stars, shining forever bright in the nightly sky,
Her smile is like the scenic curls of calm ways of the ocean slowly rolling in,
The way she talks has a small kick of contemporary jazz rolling over every word,
Her style is very unique, the way she dress is so fashionable everyone will stare and hide it, even me..
And in the end everything about her she may be imperfect but to me she's perfect everything about her is perfect.

Dedicated to: Mystery Woman

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The way I Feel

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