Beyond Terra

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Oh you "Man"!... once strong without compare hath now fallen
from grace. Weakened by the phrase "The woman whom thou giveth
to be with me, she gave me of the tree, and I did eat."; thereby
passing thy leadership and kingship over to us__ woman_.

Now we, woman, must wear the strength once adorned by thee, bear
the burden of thy crowning glory; bending from the brute weight
of it trying to keep it upright til ye once again regain thy
strength to accept thine sins, thine shames; and to repent unto
thy Lord of thine own temple.

We beckon thee to Seek forgiveness and ask for thy crown to be
restored unto thee. Woman did not ask to wear the adornment of
mankind, nor hast woman ask to fulfill the duties of your
calling, neither to answer the debts of your weakness.

I, woman, grow hard of heart and rough of skin; weary from
the chore you have embarked upon me. I have locked my
feminine essence inside the core of the black crystal
to await your sovereign touch, the deep waters of your
voice, and the power of your stance.

Why dost not thou hold steadfast to thy masculinity..
why hath thou fallen upon me... for now I've fallen
upon our children, and thus our children hath fallen
upon the earth..

Dust we shall all become.... because you still
run and hide.


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