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The Way You Drink


Love Of A Life Time

The Door

Once More

Good Bye for ever more

Healing me in kind

Did I shave my legs for this?

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A better place

Where I want to be

Can I get a do over please?

My Son



Late Date

What can I do???

      I'm feeling so free, so much more like me. The truest form of myself is finally able to shine through. The fear is gone and I'm no longer fighting off feeling blue . Sensitivity and empathy still in tact, It's a fact I no longer carry the weight of the world on my back. The gravity of what has happened isn't lost, I just finally finished paying off the cost. Just by being courageous enough to have shared my story. Theses burdens that I bared for so long, don't feel heavy nor so strong anymore. The levy of my pain has burst , it was freeing ,truly honest at the worst. 
   The judgment I feared never even reared it's ugly head, not even the pity that I dread . Only understanding and support with an open mind instead . Because of two , one old friend and one rather new, I found myself and the freedom I once knew. They don't even realize how true and deep my gratitude runs through .  
   My scars have faded , my wounds are healed, no longer feeling jaded. I can leave the past sealed tight, no more terror at morning or night. My future wide open and bright , clear as the sky at dawns early light. Why was never a question I asked ,just thankful I'm free at last. 

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Free At Last



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