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If I Could Be The Sky...

if I could be the sky
I'd be wide open
I'd be so large I'd encompass
every horizon

the sun
and the moon
would drop down from the clouds
like golden yolks
rising in a pale pink dawn
or setting into
a deep darkening rouge of silence

an artist might be inspired
to immortalize me
using words and color

children could believe they could fall into
the blue spaces in between their feet
as they lay on the backs
gazing upwards into me

on earth
all creatures would glance heavenward
into my deep purple bowl of stars
and believe in themselves and that
there is a softer gentle side to things
and that
their lives would be long
and go very far

if I
could be
the sky.

legal copyright for original poem/dated 11/28/2018
7:45pm PST time/date stamped and also for this author/poet
Melissa A. Howells and also for this legally copyrighted
site title: Meloo Straight From Her Tilt-a-World

thank you for reading.

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