Tattoos in Mayberry

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You really don't know if I'm holdin the shiny brass ring
now do ya
do ya.
How can I know if you're  woman enough
for a man like me.
And you don't  rightly know if what I'm slingin'
is bad or good for ya
now do ya
do ya.
And, I'm not sure what you're slingin's
slim, nothin', or in-between.
If you haven't the horse sense to bet or fold
Best you get off the fence
before you get old.
You don't want the last dance
at the high school dance 
holdin' up a stinky can of peas.
You don't really know the under cards
I've got hidden'
now do ya,
do ya.
And, I'm not at all certain
what you're hangin onto
underneath is fresh catch
or gone to seed.
You scribble down' notes
sittin on heated floors
til,  you can't stay awake
or  think  no more
It's why I'm not certain 
you're givin me the business
or the business that I need.

I've been a lovey dovey
sleepin' bag, travelin' man.
I've nested where I'm standin'
Fell out where I can.
I've planned out my work
around working my plan
It's why you don't really know if
my ring a ling's bad or good for ya
now do ya,
do ya.
And, I don't really know if what
you're takin' as you're givin's
any good for this man of means.

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Buddy Bee Anthony

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