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Mind Over Matter

Capture the day with a golden opportunity, living in a broken heart and body the mind must thrive.
What dark corners the perspicacious collaborate on the sensitive renovation. 
There is a sense that all appears as an elaborate facade. Yet, determination continues to strive.
Trapped in the far reaches of the hive, the Queen comes alive.
Workers from the hive, securing the sweet honey living without the need of lust or money.
Busy Bees build combs, while the Queen inspects her thrown.
Light the hive with approbation, natural nectar of celebration, filtering life of the insect nation.
So when your lips press to mine, the sweet kiss will define the honey taste of love divine.
When love is a robust romance embraces the hidden depths of the mind.
The truth of passions you will find that elusive images will scatter.
Yes, call it what you may, enlist the "Mad Hatter," be persistent or come to term; "Mind over Matter," 
You will find a course to light the way in darkest shadows of dismay. 

 When injury or illness leaves a broken body to nothing more than a prison of Flesh.
Strengthen the mind with insight, life will become keen, overcoming obstacles and finding means. 
Realistically looking at what you have and finding the strength to adapt and rise above and beyond.
Pure thoughts prevail, The Power greater than us all will pick us up and not let us fall. 

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Mind over Matter