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Dear Ex Girlfriend

Dear Ex Girlfriend your hair was blonde and smile was white but really it don't feel right. When we were together I felt complete, I felt as though we fit like the last two pieces of a puzzle while being together I found you added extra peices to our puzzle to make yourself complete.
While dating you I saw trust, love, and friendship, but at the same time I saw lies, hate, and a new loss. I saw our puzzle fall and get ripped in half I saw you laying there surrounded by the "extra pieces," I saw your lies your chances and watched my heart burn.
Dear Ex Girlfriend we were exactly the same with only one flaw but it didn't stop us we stuck together. We found love until that day you took my heart and sent it to the grave. You doused it in gasoline and set it to burn, was it worth it?
Dear Ex Girlfriend all my tears all my thoughts that I laid upon you was from my heart, my brain said no while at the same time my heart had overridden my brain and made me do something you wanted me to do.
Dear Ex Girlfriend I never loved you, I thought I did, I realized now you never loved me either you only used me for your own personal gain, but while using me you also used others and from the fires of hell I say this...
Dear Ex Girlfriend, why? Why did you do it? Out of all people you chose me, used me and forgot me.

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Dear Ex Girlfriend

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