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Count On Me

Now I may be one to judge but to my dreams I am not a person, I am not a boy, and I am defitently not a man I am a writer, I am a writer who doesn't care about my past I simply do not judge a person by there looks or by there basic personality I simply judge a person by there hearts.
So to understand that why am I here?
To be part of some group, or some better off society plans, or even to be myself?
On the verge of it all my I be set as a new fridge or a rusty spoon I may not have the intelligence of Steven Hawkins but I will always have something he doesn't have, no not intelligence but hope, passion in what I do and in the end if he was the last alive he may survive but me I would sit and write for the next generation to come upon us to see to share a landmark in there new world.
I may not be someone special, someone cute, or maybe even someone funny but what I can say is this, I am someone you can look to on a sunny day, someone you can hug whenever you want, but most importantly I am someone who you can count on to be your friend.

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Count On Me

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