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Mirror of Life

Leota looks in the mirror and said she saw the eyes of yesteryear.
Somehow someway she watched those eyes greet the softness of a Summer's sky.
She looked away then back again and saw the eyes of her old friend.
She saw the hours they would spend, she was beside her until the end.
Leota looks away for a while, then looks back to find her Mother's smile.
Soft sorrows and peaceful love, the sight that dreams are made of.
She now covers her mirror, so she can not see,  when all along she knew,
She was apart of me.
Leota stands united on this winter's day when hope ignited.
The sights and sounds of friend and family grew to be her company.
A mirror that reflects the heart's recall, a mirror that holds the warmth of all.
So she takes the cover down and looks all around.  
Yes, she looks once more to see the sunset, then rise again on distant shores.
Will this be an image her soul explores?

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Mirror of Life