The Life Of A Fallin Rose

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  This doesn't feel like a leap at all, more like a relaxing stroll i the fall. Nothing really taxing or stressful, only peaceful rest.  Nothing testing me finding no resistance in sight, the feeling is actually quite light. I'm finally out of my head, this is what it is to finally truly relax and not dread. Lounging about in the bed, I'm completely a stranger to this and having to be lead. 
   It's almost laughable that I'm being taught to relax and unwind. 
 I'm so glad you took the time to find and then unbind me. I see the way you look at and the way you take care of me. It's so overwhelming when you look back and smile. To find this peace and rest is worth every mile. To find out that there is so much more than I ever knew before, priceless knowledge you choose to share. It's so strange to just know and believe in someone who actually cares for me. For something like this, I no longer held out hope nor dreams, but just let it be. Yet, here we are and, you are real it seems.     How this got started I can hardly recall, I can't imagine a future without you all. So here it is not really a challenge, more like a change and no longer alone, just rearrange everything I'd known. Finally, I've found my home. 

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