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Writing are Inner Thoughts


How writing can be exotic
exciting from inner mind to
souls dimension illusions.

It captures thoughts waiting
for an entrance to be released
and discovered by another
by reading.

Words are not words, their
thoughts expelled from mind's
inner knowledge.

Writing comforts, bringing
thoughts alive through words
written, and delivered
from the inner part of a
thought that motivates
the thought.

Write from the heart, soul
inner mind will follow your
inner voice, and thoughts
will combine together words
that never appeared in
your thoughts without
awareness of inner

Be aware of what is around
confront what is worth
confronting, and waste no time
on foolish red rick. 

Release what is important and
knowledgeable, it may just save
a life, so keep writing down what
is worth writing.

By Derena

© 2019 Derena (All rights reserved)

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Writing are Inner Thoughts



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